Special Loans

Salary Loans

Salary loans are available to all Members who process a regular income from their employers. It is ideal for individuals who earn a regular salary income through their employment contracts. Salary loans can be used for paying schools fees, settling medical bills, purchasing household items, among other uses.


Top-ups available upon request
Monthly loan repayment with duration of up to 60 months (84 months Negotiable)
Insurance cover against death and permanent disability
Competitive interest rates charged
Security for loans above 2 Million may be required based on employer terms. Security options include:
  • Land Titles
  • Sacco Deposits
  • Guarantors
  • Certified fixed deposits
  • Movable assets acceptable as security by the Sacco.


  • Check off facility available to goverment/county employess, TSC and where the sacco has an agrreement with the employer:- Kiriwasaco, Kirinyaga University
  • Reducing Balance Interest rate 
  • No hidden Charges
  • Fast Processing 
  • Flexible repayment
  • Clear Terms and Conditions
  • Your salary is the security


  • You need to be a Sacco member (Open an account if not yet a member).
  • A duly completed loans application form
  • Original ID Card as well as a copy
  • Two Payslips with the current a must or a letter from employer with employment terms
  • Loan Documents needed to complete the application
  • Shares and Deposits atleast 10% or per the salary loan policy being applied

Loans Available

  • Salary 1-2 Month(s) advance - Salary must pass through Bingwa 
  • Salary Advance repayment upto 36 months - Salary must pass through Bingwa period can extend to 60 months
  • CheckOff Salary advance with 84 months repayment extendable on request
  • Special Salary advance for those with check off facilty and salary passes through Bingwa


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