Special Loans


As a group or chama looking to finance your big dream aimed a common target, this loan facility is ideal just for those plans.


  • Maximum amount determined  x 4 of savings.
  • Repayment period from as low as 1 month to 36 months
  • Interest rate on a reducing balance 
  • The debt service ratio is 50%
  • Saving and training for 6-8 weeks before borrowing


  • Reducing Balance Interest rate with Competitive rates
  • There is co-guarantor ship by group members
  • Fast Processing 
  • Flexible repayment
  • Clear Terms and Conditions


  • Group need to be a SACCO member.
  • A duly completed loans application form
  • Group members should be 18 years and above with a national ID or passport.
  • Group constitution.
  • Group minutes.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Attach required documents


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