Shares and Deposits

Shares and Deposits

Owning Bingwa Sacco shares means you are a member, as well as an owner; with equal rights and a voice in how the society is ran democratically. Shares are available to our members of the Sacco upon positive identification to the satisfaction of the Sacco.
Shares are not refundable and earn dividends paid from net surplus at the end of a financial year. Deposits are refundable and can be collateral for a loan or guarantee. Deposits may earn interest paid from net surplus at the end of a financial year.
Types of shares are Sacco Shares , Housing Shares , Investment Shares and have requirements to be met to purchase any of the categories
Deposits are in form of shares and are not accessible over the counter or any of the banking channels on withdrawal requests thus they earn higher interests than ordinary savings.


  • Become a Shareholder of a fast growing Sacco
  • Attractive dividends and intrest 
  • Minimum shares - Ksh 5,000 per member (Can be grown over time Ksh 200 is a must)
  • Minimum deposits - Ksh 2,000 per member (Can be grown over time )
  • Maximum shares - 20% of total share capital
  • Shares are transferable to other members upon exit from the Sacco
  • Deposits are refundable upon notification in wrting


  • Free transactions 
  • High Interest and dividends payable every year
  • You become part of the shareholders
  • You qualify for a loan upto 10X your shares and deposits subjet to the credit policy


  • Be a member of the Sacco
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