Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits

Secure your future with a fixed deposit account offering a high growth potential for your money with guaranteed returns. Our fixed deposit account is an investment account that requires a fixed amount of money to be invested for a fixed period at a fixed rate of interest.


  • No monthly management fee is charged, which means your savings do not get depleted by bank charges
  • There is no maximum balance.
  • Funds are available on maturity
  • The deposit amount is fixed during the investment period
  • The interest rate remains constant during the investment period, and is paid on maturity
  • Fixed investment periods range from 30 days up to 1 year extendable on request upto 5 years


  • Access to personal loans with the balance in the Fixed Deposit Account as security.
  • Start saving with us from as low as KES 10,000 
  • Attractive returns with complete security and competitive interest rates.
  • You can reinvest your intrest on maturity


  • Be a member of the Sacco
  • Have funds in your savings/business/group account
  • We will atach a fixed deposit account to the provided account on fully filled and signed fixed deposit form
  • Get your Fixed deposit certificate


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