Frequently Asked Questions

VISA Branded ATM Card Services

Mobile Banking Solution available is partnered with Cooperative Bank to help in accesing your account Securely and Conveniently.

ATM Card Channel

You will be required to complete an application form in order to be set up on the servicE
You can access your Account through the saccolink card at the following channels:


All Coop Bank ATM machines and agents are partners thus with the card you can:

  • Withdraw funds from your Bingwa Sacco Account at any of the ATM machines affordably
  • Fund your Sacco account via the deposit to card option at any coop agent
  • Check Balance
  • Get mini-statement
  • Pay utility bills

2. Other Bank VISA branded ATM Machines

The service is linked for access at any of the VISA branded ATM machines of all other banks. With the card you can:

  • Withdraw funds from your Bingwa Sacco Account at any of VISA branded ATM machines at an extra fee 
  • Check Balance
  • Get mini-statement

3. PAY with the VISA CARD

The service is linked for access at any VISA branded merchants, eg supermarkets, hotels, fuel stations, airports at no extra charge.
Your card can be used to pay for

  • Shopping
  • Fuel
  • Hospital Bills
  • Travel & Hostels
  • Online Shopping
  • Other payment Services



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