About Us

Jane W. Mugo, HSC

Chief Executive Officer

We are a a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society offering Financial Services though Savings Products, Credit Products both Short-Term and Long-Term, Branch less Banking, Insurance Agency and Investment Options. We have grown over the years and we have developed our products to cater for both financial and non-financial needs. Our Asset Value is Over 6.3 Billion, our strategic plan is aligned to seeing bingwa remain true to its Vision and Mission sustainably and with the hope of better days to come. We will keep paying high dividends and promote the excellence in our service delivery 

About Us
Branches in Kenya

Why Choose Us?

The values that drive us, and not just profits, are fundamental to our success. We ‘re always seeking to serve by adding value to the community around us

Our products and services as well as our simple terms and conditions are customizable- designed to bring you closer to your financial goals.

We remain committed to high standards of corporate governance for increased shareholder value.

We are always ready to negotiate through active engagement with our stakeholders


Qualified Proffesionals

All our staff are fully qualified and the Sacco has empowered the staff to be able to attend to you with utmost discretion and competency.They will deliver the very best


Bingwa Prestige Insurance Agency

The Sacco Opened an Insurance Agency to conduct Insurance buisness for its members and the Sacco



SASRA Licencing

The Sacco was first licensed by SASRA (Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority) for deposit taking in year 2011 being among the first SACCO’s to be registered in the country.


Rebranding to Bingwa Sacco Ltd

The Sacco Opend up its common bond to accomodate non-tea farmers to serve individuals institutions and even across boundaries



FOSA Services

The Sacco Intorduced Front Office Services to its members to facilitate all banking services


The Beginning

The Sacco was registered as a Savings and Credit cooperative Society known as Kirinyaga Tea Growers Sacco. Where a pioneering group of farmers had come together, pooling their resources to create a financial basket, where they could save and advance loans at affordable rates.