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The Savings account is tailored for formal and informal groups with the aim of saving while earning a high rate of returns and recurring and preparing for investment opportunities. Group/Chama-savings account is for groups or individuals who has a membership of 5 and above. Targeting Boda Boda Chamas, Table banking groups, Community or Family chamas, investment clubs and merry-go-round groups Community Based organizations (CBO's) and many others.


  • Account for customers in groups of 5 or more
  • Mpesa deposits using paybill number 400200
  • Operating balance of atleast 500
  • Free cash deposit
  • Regualted withdrawals per the groups wishes
  • Free Standing orders from members to group accounts
  • No ledger Fee


  • Competitive interest rates on savings
  • No minimum monthly contribution once account is operational
  • Access to individual loans for group members against chama account
  • Group Loan can be advanced up to 5 times the groups savings
  • Free standing orders to the Chama savings account  for Sacco Members
  • Members can individually access loans
  • Free members education on sacco products as well as consultancy
  • Access to Fosa cheque books and bankers cheques


  • A duly completed account opening form.
  • Two coloured Passport Size Photographs of the main signatories
  • Original National Identity Card or leal form of identification
  • Minutes appointing signatories to the account and list of members  and their roles and signatures
  • If registred provide a certified copy of the registration certifcate from social services or come with original


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