Expression of Interest Advertisement - Core Banking & ERP

Job Status: Closed

Bingwa Sacco Ltd is inviting interested bidders and solution vendors to express their interest in the supply, implementation, testing, and commissioning of a core banking system, mobile banking, Agency banking, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM)

Our strategy is to apply technology to transform its business by deploying appropriate business applications capable of supporting current and future needs. The scope of this EOI seeks to supply, implement, test, and commission a core banking system to streamline Bingwa Sacco’s processes.

The core banking system is expected to enhance and transform its services through the following:

  • Efficient processes, with a high degree of automation, data and processing validations, and embedded controls and fraud detection mechanisms;
  • Integration with existing applications including but not limited to CRM, ERP, Channels, DMS, BI tools, government and third-party portals such as IPRS, CRB, etc.
  • Compliance with an increasing array of new regulations such as IFRS9, Anti Money laundering act, computer misuse, and cybercrimes act, etc. which are aimed at enhancing risk management and governance procedures;
  • Compliance with SASRA regulatory reporting requirements;
  • System flexibility and differentiation.
  • Improve on the transparency of banking operations through customer interaction by allowing the branches to be customer-centric, focusing on customer service, single view of the customer, and relationship-based pricing;
  • Greater flexibility with regard to channels, including web and mobility, for purposes of business acquisition/retention, service delivery, and interaction with customers and external parties;
  • Ease of new product creation and configurations.
  • Improved business intelligence and reporting as well as enhancing internal capacity to build and customize internal reports

This will ensure that Bingwa Sacco works towards attaining the following objectives:

• Digitization of customer experience
• Enhancement of system uptimes
• Re-engineered Management System
• Enhanced Brand, Product Development
• Business processes efficiency and seamless integration between front and back office.
• Standardization of business processes
• Both internal and external communication.

Completed tender documents should be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked Tender for supply, installation &commissioning of integrated Core banking system & ERP and deposited in the tender box situated at our head office Kerugoya on or before 11 January 2020


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P.O. BOX 434


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