Who We Are

Bingwa Sacco Society Ltd (Former Kirinyaga Tea Growers Sacco Ltd) was registered in 1984 being the first of its kind in the Republic of Kenya and Africa. Initially, it started its operations with BOSA Services but introduced FOSA services in 1993 to meet the increasing demand by the growing membership. 

The Sacco was first licensed by SASRA (Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority) for deposit taking in year 2011 being among the first Saccos to be registered in the country. 

The society is managed by 7 Directors and 3 supervisory Directors elected directly by the members (shares holders). Currently we have over 192,000 members derived from all sectors of economy in the country and Assets Base of over Kes 7.8 Billion.  We provide both financial and Non-financial needs to our members

Our Vision

To be the leading SACCO in offering viable financial services to members within our area of operation for sustainable economic and social growth.

Our Slogan

“BEST CUSTOMER CARE” To offer best customer care that ensures satisfaction of our members and acts as a watchtower of the sustainability, growth and development of the organization.

Our Mission

Mobilization of savings/deposits, provision of quality, affordable credit and diversified services through prudent management that ensure optimum benefits to the members and other stakeholders

Our Core Values
The Sacco is fundamentally guided by core values in rendering its services to members in line with accomplishing its goals, which are as listed below: 

        • Transparency - In all our endeavours we ensure we deliver what we promise
        • Integrity/Honesty -  When you interact with us you can trust what we tell you
        • Focus - Our Vison, Mission and Slogan provide us with everything that makes us customer centric
        • Accountability -  Everything is on record and every cent is accounted for.
        • Commitment -  the company values, trusts and empowers all its employees and has measures to promote job satisfaction by making employees feel that they are part of the company’s successes.
        • Quality - The company has a great taste in providing quality of service offered and continuously conducts research and development
        • Prudence - The company values judiciousness, discretion, vigilance, moderation, care, and circumspection in the management of one's affairs, to temper extremes, make judgments and respond on the basis of intelligent reflection and rational thought 
        • Diversity -  In carrying out our goals the company has since reached beyond boundaries and cultures by creating enabling environment for everyone
        • Objectivity -  Everyone is equal and therefore we offer services equally without bias
At Bingwa Sacco we are committed to being transparent and accountable to our members at all time. 
Our staff and the board have always and shall always display professionalism in their work. 
 Our members, staff and the board shall endeavour to exhibit integrity in conducting the affairs of the society and as a society, we shall always uphold teamwork in order to achieve more together. Our strength comes from our customers and we shall always work hard to satisfy them and give them the best customer care